Newglobal Language School


Educational Target

This school aims at training of the global talented people who can play an active part in the global age in the 21st century. A curriculum puts emphasis on entrance into university, graduate school, and vocational school.

Peculiarity of this school

Our school is suitable for students who aren't able to use Kanji yet. In fact, we specialize in teaching students Kanji for the first time.

Contents of lesson

A class is composed according to a level and instruction united with each target can be received.

Beginners' class aims at 4 substantial skill of reading/writing/speaking/listening in the lesson based on conversation, and the middle class.

Moreover, since the power about which it speaks is learned, a speech is taken in to a lesson or the exchange meeting with a Japanese college student, etc. are positively performed to it. In addition, the event according to an extracurricular class or each season is also prosperous.

Google Map

168-0074 東京都杉並区上高井戸1-15-14.